Z Crown

Z Crown Family of Zirconia Products

At Bayshore Dental Studio, we offer a variety of Zirconia materials and techniques to meet the structural and esthetic needs of any case.

Zirconia milled dental crowns.

From solid, to stained, to layered – the full range of translucency, natural appearance, and strength is captured by our Z Crown Family™  of products.

Bayshore Dental Studio has always been on the cutting edge of Zirconia technology.

Zirconia milled dental crowns are emerging as the dentist’s choice because of their strength and natural look.

When Zirconia material was first introduced to the dental industry, there was not many techniques or choices of materials.  Laboratories had to experiment to create an aesthetic restoration from a solid, monolithic crystal. Bayshore Dental Studio has been around since 1992, and was one of the first labs investing in Zirconia. Faced with this challenge early on, Bayshore Dental Studio developed the Z Crown Family to address the different types presented.  One of the techniques we came up with was the Z Crown.  A layered Zirconia with solid substructure.

Bayshore Dental Studio Z Crown products are the solution to any esthetic restoration.

Z Crown Plus is Bayshore Dental Studio’s unique brand of layered Zirconia; which provides an ideal balance of metal-free strength and naturalistic beauty.  The Z Crown Plus begins with a precision milled zirconia crystal coping to provide a strong yet translucent core.  e.Max Ceram porcelain is then hand applied by Bayshore Dental Studio’s expert technicians to achieve detailed natural shading. This creates lifelike, highly esthetic results with true-to-nature light scattering and a balanced relationship between brightness and chroma.

Z Crown Family™ for restorations are stronger and more natural looking than traditional products.

Traditional porcelain fused to metal (PFM) restorations allow for highly customized porcelain shading.  However, the opaque metal coping creates a dull appearance, easily distinguishable from the surrounding natural dentition.  In addition, the metal gingival margin of a PFM presents as an unsightly gray mark along the patient’s gum line. Zirconia crowns, on the other hand, are highly translucent and much stronger than PFM’s.

  • Z Crown Anterier™ is milled from monolithic crystal and is highly esthetic in form and translucency.
  • Z Crown Solid™ is highly esthetic in form; however, shading options are limited; therefore it is recommended for the posterior.
  • Z Crown Plus layered Zirconia bridges the gap between solid Zirconia and PFM through the combination of highly translucent Zirconia copings with the full shade customization that can be achieved in porcelain.

The Bayshore Dental Studio Difference

Our master ceramists can match the shade and character of any natural dentition and excel at the harmonious combination of zirconia and porcelain. Each completed design is inspected for quality before and after milling.  We mill only medical grade, isostatically pressed zirconia. We maintain our mill and tools for high precision, micro fracture free restorations to ensure only the highest quality final products for our dentists and their patients.

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