Importance of Stump Shade

The importance of Stump Shade

When trying to reach the highest esthetic results in crown and bridge work, consideration for stump color is very important. Through communication about color tone, we can create the best translucency effect, especially when there is a porcelain jacket or pressed material involved. The preparation shade will affect the final result of any metal free restoration. This is why it is so important to communicate the stump or preparation shade for every all-porcelain restoration as well as every Zircon structure.  By giving your ceramist a stump shade, you provide an incredible advantage for fabricating the most esthetic restoration possible. The lab technician can use this information to make a model die that is the same shade as the preparation and make sure there is no show-through or shade change to the ceramic from the underlying tooth structure.


Ivoclar Vivadent has designed a great tool for this specific use called « Natural Die Material Shade Guide ». It includes 9 different shades varying from imitation of bleached preparations to severely discoloured or devitalized preparations. Stump shade information will also help to make suggestions regarding structure choices in case of big discrepancy of shade between initial situation and final desired result. For example a darker stump will need a medium/high opacity ingot where as a light stump shade requires a more translucent ingot.


By obtaining a stump shade at the time of preparation; money and time can be saved by eliminating the re-shade or remake of a restoration, and the subsequent second appointment. With proper communication between dentist and laboratory, exemplary esthetics and color match can be delivered to the patient with a high degree of satisfaction.

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