Case Planning Tips

Case Planning Tips

Let’s be honest for a minute; Dentistry isn’t easy. It’s why you spent all that time in school, it’s why every year, you have to attend CE courses. You’re a small business owner who also has to dedicate time to each client. Very few industries are as intensive and demanding as Dentistry.

At Bayshore Dental Studio, we recognize this. That’s why below you’ll find some case planning tips that may help you cut out some of the tedious tasks of your day. We have a professional team of technicians, and case support specialists who will work with you to help plan your cases, choose the right products, and customize the restoration based on the desires of your patient.

Case Planning Principles

We recommend submitting the following with each anterior case

  •      Complete treatment plan
  •      Patient’s expectations and requests
  •      Pre-approved provisional or pre-op model
  •      Full-face smile and retracted smile photos
  •      Full arch impressions
  •      Separate bite over preps
  •      Photos for Shading

Photograph Principles

  •      Include 3 tabs in photo (one for enamel shade, one tab lighter, and one tab darker)
  •      Orientation of tab should be incisal to incisal and in same plane as tooth.
  •      Picture to show characterization
  •      Close up image of adjacent teeth to show surface texture
  •      Shade tab number visible in picture
  •      Stump shade pictures for all-ceramic crowns
  •      Digital pictures preferred

Full Arch + Multiple Anterior Cases

A diagnostic wax-up is strongly recommended as an important presentation tool during an appointment with the patient. This wax-up gives you and the patient an opportunity to make changes ahead of time and create a pre-approved blueprint for the final restorations. Temporaries can be made from a matrix of the wax-up, letting the patient try out their new look.

To plan your next case with Bayshore Dental Studio, please contact our support team at 866-989-6027.