Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible Partial Dentures

With many options for flexible partial dentures,  choosing the right material is important.  Bayflex partial dentures by Bayshore Dental Studio offers improved aesthetics, fit, and longevity that set it apart from other partials on the market.

Flexible partials were first developed in the early 1950s. Arpad Nagy of New York commercialized the first nylon-based flexible partial denture system in 1953. At the time, academics felt that a partial denture must be rigid in order to distribute masticatory forces to the remaining dentition. As a result, the usage of flexible plastic partial dentures was limited. Another New York-based company introduced a product in the early 1960s which offered several varieties of materials. As the ‘Hollywood Smile’ became a quest for dental patients in the 1970s and ’80s, dentists were forced to look for prosthetic solutions that were both esthetic and functional.

Flexible partial material has evolved over the past few decades.  Bayshore Dental Studio introduced a new partial in 2010, called Bayflex™ Flexible Partials that addressed many of the issues limiting the prescription of traditional flexible partials. Bayflex™ exclusive thermoplastic material is lightweight, comfortable and practically invisible. Monomer-free & biocompatible, Bayflex™ partials offer significant advantages. These advantages include near zero (.05%) water absorption resulting in decreased stains and odors. This low absorption rate also makes the material more color stable over time. The esthetic results that are achievable with Bayflex™ partial can be excellent. The material offers a chameleon effect as it naturally picks up the patient’s true tissue tone. The material furthers the effect with veining to simulate blood vessels. Combine the above with a thin profile against the tissue and you have a partial that becomes nearly invisible to the untrained eye.  Bayflex™ Flexible Partial dentures utilize a natural snap fit for retention and comfort.

Bayshore Dental Studio’s experience with flexible partials, and their pliant Bayflex™ material, allows for flawless relines and tooth additions to existing appliances. Patients appreciate this long-term value and versatility.

In a recent study, 93% of 14 CR Evaluators stated they would incorporate Bayflex Partial into their practice.

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Bayshore’s flexible partial options include:  Bayflex™ Single Tooth & Bayflex™ Hybrids. The Bayflex™ Single Tooth Partial is lightweight yet durable, esthetic yet cost-effective. The same features that make Bayflex™ such an effective partial also make for the ideal implant healing appliance. For cases requiring distal extension, Bayflex™ hybrids represent the best of both worlds in terms of retention, comfort, and appearance. Bayshore team of experts can design your cast frame to be retentive on the lingual surfaces of the teeth, hidden from view. Bayflex™ cosmetic clasps are also utilized on facial surfaces and virtually disappear when the patient smiles. Now dentists can provide their patients added comfort with a more flexible solution.

Available in Five Gingival Shades:

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