How Can an Intraoral Scanner Benefit Your Practice?

How Can an Intraoral Scanner Benefit Your Practice?

More and more dentists are incorporating intraoral scanners in their practice.  Their ease of use and accuracy has increased dramatically since they were first introduced. Digital impressions provide an array of advantages for dentists as well as patients. Take a look at the benefits outlined below

Increased Accuracy = Lower Remakes

Intraoral scanning eliminates the mess and variability of traditional PVS/alginate impressions.  Distortion, bubbles, tears and warping become non-factors. Digital impressions are not subject to environmental stresses like heat, humidity, and agitation.  Shipping and packaging are eliminated as well.  This leads to reduced remakes, lower cost and faster turnaround times.

Real Time Feedback for You and Your Patient

As you perform an intraoral scan, the digital impression populates on the chairside monitor in real time.  This allows for immediate analysis of the quality of the digital impression and the opportunity to re-scan any areas of imperfection.  You can even mark your margins as you go. Patients are spared the discomfort of trays and PVS/alginate.  Instead they can relax and watch their impression show up on the monitor.

Impress Patients and Advance Treatment Plans

Digital scanning is a great marketing tool for patients! The ability to show the patient their scan on the monitor fosters effortless treatment plan communication.   Studies have shown that patients love the instantaneous 3-D images intraoral scanners provide.  This leads to more engaged patients, more likely to move forward with treatment plans. Dentists who use advanced technology like intraoral scanners are perceived to be more knowledgeable, capable, and trustworthy.

Instantly Connect with Your Dental Lab

Digital scans are sent immediately to the lab using the scanning software. No shipping or pick-up required. Many of the intraoral scanning systems are able to generate true color models. This means it can be much easier to accurately detect and capture tooth and gingiva shades and texture and communicate this information to the lab for a precise restoration. intraoral scanning gives your lab a clear and accurate representation of your patient’s teeth and gingiva.  Your real time mark-ups on the digital impression provide a detailed prescription leading to the best possible restoration.

Connect With a Digital Lab

At Bayshore Dental Studios we work extensively with all the intraoral scanning systems including 3Shape TRIOS, Carestream, 3M True Definition,  iTero, Dental Wings and Cerec.  We would be pleased to share our experiences and help train your office so your integration of intraoral scanning in your office is fast and painless. If your seeking the easiest entry for a high quality scanner on the market, Bayshore Dental Studio also offers financing on the Intelliscan 3D, starting at *$99/month. Contact Bayshore Dental Studio to speak with a digital specialist by calling (866) 937-5164 or visit

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