Disrupting Orthodontics With Clear Aligners

Disrupting Orthodontics With Clear Aligners

Orthodontics as a dental specialty has come a long way since traditional metal wired braces. While still necessary in some complex cases, removable clear aligners provide an appealing alternative today and have been used to treat millions of patients.

Clear aligners couldn’t exist without digital technologies; the cad/cam and manufacturing process is a brilliant combination of multiple digital workflows. The digital model provides a basis to plan the progressive stages between the current and desired teeth positions. Each stage is then 3D printed and the aligners are thermoformed over these 3D printed molds.

Traditionally, the 3D printers used in this process were large and complex to use and prohibitively expensive. Now, smaller format desktop 3D printers can create molds for thermoformed appliances, opening up the possibility for any dental practice to produce aligners and retainers in-house and expand production without adding substantial overhead.

Why Choose ClearFit™ by Bayshore Dental Studio?

ClearFit™ by Bayshore Dental Studio is created and supported by a team of certified orthodontists.  We partner with our dentists to provide detailed treatment planning and treat a wide range of malocclusions. Each and every case is evaluated and planned by a ClearFit™ orthodontist.  The dentist has the ability to review and approve before production begins.  ClearFit™  believes that satisfied dentists result in better clinical outcomes for your patients. We provide superior support and customer service to guide you every step of the way.

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