When to Choose IPS e.max Restorations

When to Choose IPS e.max Restorations

IPS is a pressed or milled lithium disilicate material. It is not quite a strong as zirconia but is three times stronger than Empress, Ivoclar’s original pressable ceramic. It is available in a huge range of translucencies and shades.

With IPS e.max, technicians can produce full contour restorations, or these can be cut back and layered with porcelain to enhance the esthetic effects. You will find e.max is suitable for singles crowns anywhere in the mouth. This material is very good for inlays and onlays, and is best for veneers.

Choosing IPS e.max restorations can provide particularly good results where patients perhaps need a combination of these different restorations, especially when they are adjacent to each other in the mouth. Being able to use the same porcelains to layer the restorations will guarantee they all blend in beautifully with each other. It is possible to construct three unit bridges using IPS e.max, but its use it not advisable for patients with bruxism or posterior bridges.

If you have a particular case you wish to discuss with our experienced technical staff, then we are always more than happy to talk to you about the different materials available and which might be most appropriate. When correctly used, these materials can create stunning results, leading to very happy patients.

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