How Bayshore’s Web Portal Technology can benefit Your Practice

How Bayshore’s Web Portal Technology can benefit Your Practice

As someone who works in a dentist’s office, you know all about the latest dentistry equipment, and you’re no stranger to the newest polishing methods and CAD/CAM systems! It’s no surprise that your practice has the newest technologies. But is your practice up-to-date with the latest technology for your laboratory patient case management?  Having a lab that is full of the latest equipment and web portal technology is a must.

Implementing a laboratory case management system in your practice can be very beneficial. It can help keep an open line of communication with your dental laboratory and improve patient care. With file sharing, case tracking and HIPAA-compliant messaging, it’s easier to communicate across a range of contact channels. Although the phone remains indispensable, many time-consuming tasks such as case tracking can be transferred to the portal to give your office staff more time for other tasks. Communication about complex cases is also significantly easier if both dentists and the lab can look at the same image or case record at the same time to resolve questions or issues. Client portals also provide important communication tools, such as allowing dentists to update detailed design preferences so cases are consistently completed.

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With Bayshore’s Customer Web Portal, you can track your cases from start to finish, anytime, anywhere. Simply submit your Rx online including digital impressions, model scans, design, and photos.  You can track your case through production, right up to the time it is shipped and headed back to your office. You receive notifications via your choice of email and/or SMS messaging when your case is received and shipped.  At payment time, you can view and make payments easily from within your account. Make payment for a specific patient or an entire invoice. Manage your lab cases all  in one place, successfully bridging the gap between account management and real-time business intelligence.

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