Bayflex Flexible Partial


Bayflex Partials Are 93% Recommended

Bayflex is the only flexible partial featured in Dr. Gordon Christensen’s Clinician’s Report “Best Product Guide.” The reviewers loved Bayflex’s thin yet strong construction, precise fit, and esthetic appeal. Their patients loved Bayflex’s flexibility, comfort, and affordability. You will love our industry leading quality at our competitive price.
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All On Four Supported Titanium Implant Bar

Bayshore Titanium Milling

Bayshore Dental Studio has been designing and milling zirconia restorations for years on our Digital Dental Lab milling machine. Thanks to the highly skilled dentists and dental labs we work with, Bayshore is now able to offer titanium milling services. Implant supported titanium restorations are light, strong, and biocompatible. And the word is out—patients are demanding titanium restorations. When you need a custom abutment, overdenture bar, or milled framework, call Bayshore’s CADCAM department. We accept files from any type of scanner and are compatible with nearly every implant system on the market.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a full service dental lab that has been serving dental practices nationwide since 1992. Bayshore Dental Studio offers a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental products that are both functional and esthetic. Working with Bayshore is easy. We are compatible with every major technology in the industry, and we assign an experienced technician to every client. Call us today and find out how Bayshore can make your practice shine.

What We Do

We understand that dentists want to provide the best dental technology available to their patients. Partnering with Bayshore Dental Studio ensures that your patient’s smile shines with a lasting inner strength. Bayshore Dental Studio is committed to providing our customers with the resources of a national dental lab and the personalized service of a local lab.

Our Products

Our mastery of CAD/CAM technology allows us to produce extremely accurate and precise products. Bayshore’s zirconia crowns--beautiful layered zirconia, durable full contour zirconia solid, and versatile Z Crown Plus--offer unparalleled strength and metal alternative beauty. Our other products, like our relineable and repairable Bayflex flexible partial and our laser welded implant overdentures, are produced by experienced technicians using state-of-the-art technology.
  • "Just delivered a set of veneers on #7 and 8. VERY nice job - please keep this up. Show this to the technician - the detail, surface texture, and shade was spot on. Nice job!"
    Dr. Patrick Briese on Bayshore Dental Studio | Full Service Dental Lab
  • "Our office recently began working with Bayshore, and it has been a good experience. Our patient was very pleased with her implant case, and the online customer portal helps us track our cases daily. We love how there’s always a "live" person available for assistance. We recommend Bayshore Dental Studio!"
    Dr. Alina Lyons on Bayshore Dental Studio | Full Service Dental Lab
  • “Bayflex partials rarely need chair-side adjustment, and patients find them easy to care for and wear. I’m using Bayflex for anterior implants, and find the esthetics and comfort are superior to ‘flipper’ or temporary implant crowns. I really like Bayflex. The cosmetics are so good.”
    Dr. Gary Evans on Bayshore Dental Studio | Full Service Dental Lab

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