A nationwide dental lab & leader among our peers

Bayshore Dental Studio has been serving dental professionals since 1992. Based in sunny Tampa, FL, Bayshore has been ranked among the top 7% of nationwide dental laboratories by Lab Management Today. We are proud of being named a finalist (top 16 out of 260+ lab submissions) in the Lab Management Today magazine contest.

Our continued success is due to working with skilled dental professionals like you. As a dental professional, you constantly strive for perfection. Bayshore Dental Studio can help you deliver a restoration with flawless fit, spot-on shading, and natural esthetics. You know that a job well done is a patient that can’t stop smiling. We know a job well done is when you’re smiling too.

Professional to Professional Contact

When you call or email Bayshore Dental Studio for information about a case, you’re directly connected to the professional responsible for your case. This means you get straight answers from a trusted source. Dental technology is growing and changing faster than ever before. When a new technique or process is introduced to the field, you can count on Bayshore Dental Studio and your trusted CDT to be a source for informed answers on how it can benefit your patients.

A Lab With a Sense of Community

Bayshore Dental Studio has partnered with Donated Dental Services (DDS) to provide dental prosthetics on an as needed basis for patients throughout the United States. DDS is a partner with the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped and helps provide treatment to often overlooked and at-risk populations. Bayshore Dental Studio understands what a healthy and attractive smile can do and is proud to serve our country’s needy patients. One such case was recently featured on the television show The Doctors.