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Z Crown™ Zirconia Family

Z Crown – Zirconia Mastery

Bayshore’s Z Crown offers the ideal balance of metal-free strength and naturalistic beauty.

Each completed design is inspected for quality before and after milling.
We mill only medical grade, isostatically pressed zirconia.
We maintain our mill and tools for high precision, micro fracture free restorations.
Z Crown zirconia is intermediate between the strength of BruxZir® and the esthetics of Zirlux®.

IPS e.max Porcelain Crowns - Among the most versatile restorative options available.

IPS e.max Porcelain Crowns

Among the most versatile restorative options available.


  • 400 MPa flexural strength
  • in vivo wear rates comprable to normal enamel
  • Pressed to contour
  • Can layer enamel porcelains
  • Bondable and cementable
  • Stronger than Leucite reinforced
  • Natural variations of color and translucency


  • Single esthetic crowns and some bridges
  • When translucency is desirable
  • Veneers
  • All options from temporary to permanent
  • Inlays & onlays
  • Crown over implant

IPS e.max® system

The IPS e.max® system is among the most versatile restorative options available. IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic that has optimized translucency, durability and strength for full anatomical restorations. Pressed IPS e.max simulates the opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of a natural tooth for ideal beauty and undetectable porcelain crowns.

Conventionally cement using resin cements or bond for maximum retention on nonretentive preparations.

e.max CAD

IPS e.max CAD restorations exhibit superior durability featuring 360-400 MPa of flexural strength. When fabricated to full-contour, the monolithic structure is the most robust ceramic system tested to date.

SiMPLiCiTY Implants - One of the top Implant companies in the country

Implants are complex enough.

Bayshore’s SiMPLiCiTY® Implants line lets you focus on what matters.

SiMPLiCiTY® is a complete package: CAD/CAM custom abutment, crown, screw, analog, tissue, and expert guidance–all for one low price.
Take the guesswork out of your implant overhead. Focus on the patient. Bayshore’s experts handle the rest.
Check the SiMPLiCiTY compatibility page to see if your system is supported.


Every denture, bridge, crown and implant that you place represents your practice. Bayshore understands that when your reputation is on the line, you want the best.

Direct-to-Tech Promise

The Bayshore core team consists of Certified Dental Technicians with technical mastery, years of experience, and a commitment to customer service. Every client has a dedicated CDT managing every aspect of their casework along with an Account Manager to provide superior logistical support.

The Bayshore Difference

With our focus on practice partnership, we provide integrated collaboration for every client. Our Customer Portal makes working with Bayshore simple, and we focus on your individualized preferences. Plus, we offer an innovative 3D digital preview service & treatment planning solution.

Industry Leading Quality

100% biosafe, FDA approved, and perfect for patients with cosmetic considerations. Z Crown Anterior is a monolithic milled ceramic, which keeps costs low compared with painstakingly layered ceramics. Z Crown Anterior is suitable for affordable, but highly aesthetic monolithic treatments, for both anterior and posterior restorations.

How it Works

With doorstep UPS pickup, quick turnaround options, and the ability to review cases in real time with your certified technician, we guarantee your product delivered perfect and ready to set.

Our machines mill your crowns.
Our experts answer your phone calls.

The Bayshore core team consists of Certified Dental Technicians with technical mastery, years of experience, and a commitment to customer service. Every client has a dedicated CDT managing every aspect of their casework along with an Account Manager to provide superior logistical support.

Cutting Edge Technology
+ Old Fashioned Service

Bayshore has worked with thousands of office staffers and provides productivity and collaboration tools for clerical and clinical needs. At Bayshore, we pride ourselves in offering personal service, consistent quality and on-time delivery.


Turnaround Time
If I ship a case to you today, when can I expect it back in my office?We guarantee to have it in your office in 10 workings days, from the date received at Bayshore.

However, we do offer repairs, adjustments, custom trays and bite rims in less time. We can rush certain cases, however we ask that you call before shipping the case, so that we can schedule your case in advance.

Also, do you have one of our production calendars, which gives you an easy reference for our production dates? I’m happy to have one mailed to you, along with our latest fee schedule.

(If asked) How much is the Rush Fee?Fixed: $75 for first tooth; Every additional tooth is $35/tooth.

Removable: $50/arch

Can you rush a Bayflex case?Bayflex is our #1 product. Due to high demand, we can guarantee the case in your office in 10 working days, from the date received at Bayshore.

However we do understand some cases are emergencies. If you can provide the patient’s name, and the date you are requesting the case back, I will create an alert for our techs to prioritize the case. If for some reason we can’t meet your due date, we will call you immediately.

How much is shipping?Unlike most labs, we do not charge shipping on a per-case basis. We add a $12.00 shipping charge on one invoice per box, whether there’s three or 15 cases enclosed. We also offer a “Bundle Shipping” Program to help customers with shipping costs.
Tell me more on your Bundle Shipping Program.There’s two different programs to choose from:

You can determine the day(s) you would like all of your cases shipped to your office, including the method of shipping.

Or you can choose the minimum amount of cases to ship at once.

When choosing the Bundle Shipping program, we recommend that you schedule patients’ Seat Dates once cases are delivered. Many of our customers take advantage of these programs.

Customer Portal
What does the portal allow me to do?It’s a direct online connection with our lab, allowing you to create/update cases, schedule a pickup, order supplies, pay online and more!

I can schedule a 10-minute demo for you to show you all the bells and whistles. You’ll love it, as it saves you time and keeps you off the phone.

How do I order supplies – it won’t let me drag items in the cart?In our portal, scroll over to the item you’re trying to order. When the “four-way” arrow appears, right-click and drag the item to the right side of the page, where your order cart is located.
How do I find out what my Account Number is?I can provide that info for you right now. Also, your account number appears on your monthly statement.
I’m trying to schedule a UPS pick-up, but it keeps saying “error.” What do I do?Let me schedule a pickup for you right now, and then help you troubleshoot.

Have you sent a case to us before?
Only Active customers can schedule UPS pick ups via Customer Portal.

Something may be wrong with your address. Can I confirm this with you?

Also, your pick-up time should be “prior” to UPS “Cut-Off” time.

Where do I find your RX form, learn how to pack and send a case, print a UPS label, etc.?Go to our website at BayshoreDentalStudio.com, and look for “Send Your Case” in the left-hand column, we have online order forms, information about packing your case, a way to print UPS labels and more.
Loyalty Program
How does it work?It’s a quarterly or year end reward system based on the dollar amount of lab work sent during the specific time period.
Where can I get more information about this program? Where can I print redemption certificates, find deadline dates, or read the details of this program?All information is on our website www.bayshoredentalstudio.com/rewards.
How do I find out what lever I’m at?I can help you with this info. However the amount shown will only reflect cases invoiced not cases currently in production (NOTE: this info can be found in the customers sales page in CPM)
What do I do to redeem my reward?Simply log on the portal and print all three monthly statements in that quarter. Fill out the back of the appropriate redemption certificate and mail it in with your statement summary.
Bayflex Partials
What is a Bayflex? What is made of?It’s a flexible partial, made from our own proprietary material, primarily nylon base (not acrylic). Clasps and teeth can be added. Bayflex can be adjusted/repaired, and it can be re-based. Would you like me to mail some more info about this product to you?
What’s the difference/benefits in your Bayflex as opposed to other flexible products on the market (Valplast, DuraFlex, etc.)?We’re different in several ways. Bayflex partials can be repaired, and teeth and clasps can be added. Many of the other flexible partials don’t offer these benefits.

Also, we offer five different types of tissue shades, and Bayflex will not warp or become brittle. It’s virtually invisable, and it’s the ONLY flexible parial featured in Dr. Gordon J Christensen’s Clinicians Report, Best Product Guide (Dec. 2013). Would you like for me to mail more info about this product to you?

Can I repair chairside? Can it be relined?We’re happy to repair and/or rebase our Bayflex partials at our lab, where our experts are specially trained on this procedure.
What do I use to clean the Bayflex? Do you offer cleaner?An ultrasonic cleaner (non-chemical, non-abrasive) is mostly recommended. We are currently in the process of developing our very own BayClean. In the meantime, we do provide our customers with a free Bayflex Adjustment Kit and Shade guide with your first Bayflex case. Also we provide a “Caring for your Bayflex” card for you to provide your patients. This is shipped with every Bayflex case.
What’s a Bayflex Single-Tooth Healing Appliance? What are the benefits?It’s a perfect, affordable solution for single-tooth replacement, with all the benefits. It’s fabricated the same way as our Bayflex partials. Bayflex Single-Tooth partials are an ideal Implant healing appliance.

Also, it’s a terrific ortho space maintainer.

Did you know Bayshore employs the very first Certified Implant Technician in the state of Florida? Would you like me to mail additional info on our Implant/Simplicity Program to you?

Who is a perfect candidate for Bayflex?We recommend the Bayflex Single Tooth for cases where we are only replacing one tooth. We recommend Bayflex Partials for cases missing 2+ teeth.

However if your patient is completely edentulous in the posterior region, we recommend our Bayflex Hybrid, or you may simply add Metal Mesh for extra support.

What’s a Bayflex Hybrid?Bayflex Hybrid is the best of both worlds. We fabricate a metal frame (Cr/Co – Vitallium Cr/Co) for the additional support your patient will need, and fabricate the Bayflex over the frame using esthetic clasps on the anterior teeth (your choice of tissue shade). So the metal is virtually invisable once inserted. You get the stability needed with the esthetics of a Bayflex.

Full Dentures/Acrylic Partials/Frames

Can you fabricate a full denture using your Bayflex material?Yes we can, however we do not recommend this procedure, and it is not covered in our warranty. Whenever we’ve tried doing this in the past, the material is just too flexible. But it really depends on the anatomy of the patient’s mouth. We’ve had a few successful cases when the anatomy of the arch allows better suction, and we can make the upper/base material thicker.
Can Bayflex clasps be added to Acrylic Partials?Yes it can be added. Many of our customers ask that we add Bayflex clasps to Acrylic partials for the esthetics, and we can add clasps in your choice of tissue shade.
What is the difference between Conventional Cr/Co frame and a Vitallium Frame?Vitallium is Cr-Co without Nickel. Vitallium is lighter and it can be easily polished. In many cases, Vitallium is used whenever patients have allergies, as removing the nickel helps their condition.


What’s the difference in your three Z Crown products? What candidates are best for each?Zcrown: Porcelain Layered Zirconia; Best used for anterior teeth. Zcrown Solid: Full contour Zirconia; Best used for posterior teeth. Zcrown Plus: Full Zirconia with Porcelain layered surface; Used for either/or anterior/posterior with the strength of a Z Crown Solid, and the esthetics of a Z Crown.
What prep design is recommended for Emax and Zirconia?Shoulder or Chamfer. We do not recommend Feather-edge prep. I’m happy to mail prep guides to you if you like?
What cement is recommended for Zirconia and Emax crowns?We recommend Multilink for both Zirconia and Emax. We also recommend Ivoclean for Zirconia, before cementing. Would you like me to mail a Cement Selection Guide to you, provided by Ivoclar?
Can you do a Posterior Emax Bridge/Span?Posterior bridges are not recommended for Emax. Only from the Bicuspid forward. We recommend one pontic only, with a span of no more than 4 units.
Span for Zirconia Bridge and recommended Pontics?Although full upper an dlower splints can be fabricated, we do not commit to this until reviewed by a tech. Pontic Span, connector size, etc., determine fabrication success.
Which all Ceramic product is strongest & more esthetic?Zirconia Frameworks are stronger than Emax, However if you layer the zirconia the overlay porcelain is not as strong. Emax are more esthetic.


Lab Related/Misc.
I’ve heard of your lab, but don’t know much about you. Can you tell me more?We’re a full-service dental lab offering the best in restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry since 1992. We’re among the top 7% of labs in the U.S., with significant investments in CAD/CAM technology, including the latest in 3D digital preview services.

Our lab is proud of our industry achievements, which include being recommended by 93% of Dr. Gordon J. Christensen Clinician Report (CR) evaluators for our Bayflex™ flexible partials. CR releases its annual buying guide each December, providing dental clinicians with objective information about the year’s top-rated dental products.

We also offer dentures, Z Crown™ zirconia, IPS e.max® porcelain crowns, SiMPLiCiTY® implant products, and more.

What makes you unique?Our staff offers the dental community 100+ years of dental industry expertise, and includes Florida’s first Implant Certified Dental Technician. Plus, we pride ourselves in offering excellent service, quality and on-time delivery, including:

• Direct-To-Tech Calls: Clients always get direct phone access to their Certified Dental Technicians (CDTs), ensuring the best quality and timeliness for patients.
• Non-Nonsense Guarantee: We stand behind our products and services with a five-year, 100% guarantee.
• Online Customer Service Portal: Clients can log-in to our online portal and update their cases, print shipping labels, schedule pickups, pay invoices and more – a huge time-saver for all!
• Referral Program: Our clients get rewards for referring us to others.
• 3D CAD/CAM Design: We accept digital scans from Sirona, Itero, Trios and STL files. Clients can view and customize their cases, with their assigned CDT, in an online 3D environment.
• From a charitable standpoint, Bayshore Dental Studio is a proud member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, and a platinum sponsor of the West Coast Dental District and a frequent donator of restorations to Donated Dental Services.

Do you ship cases off shore?On occasion, we partner with several sister labs (many are local) to assist us with overflow when our techs are in training. These partnerships help us deliver on our 10-day guarantee. We also return the favor when needed.
(If asked) “Do you fabricate in China?”All materials used to fabricate our products are primarily U.S.- and German-based. Details of all the materials we use are found on the back of our invoice and prescription form.
Where is your lab located? Can you handle my business in ?Yes. We’re a full-service dental lab based in Tampa, Fla., but we serve clients all around the U.S.
Lab Tech Q’s
Lab Tech Q’s
What type of teeth do you use for removables?Dentsply Acrylic Resin
What type of upgraded teeth do you offer for your removables?Image and Ivoclar, or whatever you request. If we don’t have it in stock, we will order it for you.
What are the different tissue shades you offer?We offer five different tissue shades: Clear, Light Pink, Pink, Medium Meharry, Dark Meharry.
What materials/enclosures do I need to send to you to get this case started? (Removable/Fixed)For removables, it’s always recommended to send impressions or models of the arch that we will be fabricating, along with opposing models and bite.

For fixed, we recommend impressions of prepped teeth, opposing, and bite, or you may use a triple-tray impression.

What do I send to your lab if I have a denture that needs to be relined?We’ll need you to first rebase the denture with low viscosity reline material, then return the denture to us, with bite registration and opposing model/impressions.
Miscellaneous PricingRemovables:
Adding a new tooth to a partial: $35/tooth.Repairing an Appliance (denture or partial):
A) If we fabricated the partial, and we’re repairing under our one-year warranty: $0
B) If past one-year warranty, $50 per arch.
C) If adding clasps, $35/clasp. Repairing broken clasps: $0 (if returned and under one-year warranty).

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