Locator Bar

Titanium Milling

Easy to insert and remove by your patients, LOCATOR Attachments are designed with customizable levels of retention and a low vertical profile. LOCATOR attachments have the ability to pivot, which increases the attachment’s resiliency and allows it to compensate for the path of insertion issues.

Hader Bar

Titanium Milling

The Hader Bar and rider system is the most popular of all bar systems due to its economy and simplicity.

The system allows the prosthesis to rotate around the bar. Riders may be either plastic or precious.

Dolder Bar

Titanium Milling

Long Term Durability + Adjustability

The Dolder clip system consists of a precision attachment bar and adjustable channel clips. There are two common Dolder cross section designs that allow the system to adapt to almost any space constraint. The retention clips are gold alloy for biocompatibility. Parallel walled, U-shaped Dolder bars offer a rigid attachment with no rotational freedom. Egg-shaped Dolder bars have a gingival taper for a resilient joint with some degree of translateral and rotational freedom.

Montreal Bar

Titanium Milling

The Montreal style bar offers the adjustability of acrylic with a biocompatible titanium/tissue interface. The smooth, polished gingival surface makes hygiene easy for patients and leads to great long-term success rates.

Full Wrap Bar

Titanium Milling

Ideal in vertically limited situations, the full wrap implant bar is a classic, time-tested solution for full edentulism. Bayshore’s full wrap combines precise titanium monoblock milling with acrylic artistry. We use only the best teeth and carefully fabricate true butt-joints to eliminate seepage concerns.

All On 4

Titanium Milling

The All-on-4 treatment concept was developed to provide edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration using only four implants to support an immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis.

Anodized Bars

No need for to apply coatings or opaque layers, no concerns about chipping/debonding, allows immediate
processing of acrylic with no additional steps.